June Note From Dri

This school year has been a strange one. We started off the fall with something new and adapted as the weather got colder, but we made it! Here’s what happened and what you can look forward to in the Fall.

The Family Gathering on Wednesday nights was a small group, but we had a lot of fun worshipping and learning together as families. We hope to continue that next fall and that more families will get involved. Our switch from Catechism to Jesus Storybook Bible made it easier for kids of all ages to enter into the story. Don’t worry, Catechism isn’t going away entirely, just moved to a different venue. Next fall we’ll continue this narrative approach, but with a new curriculum that has so many fun ways to interact with God’s story.

The Youth started out by meeting in small groups only. But with spring semester changes, we were able to begin a large group/small group model where students could gather together as a large group for games, singing, and an introduction of the lesson before they moved into smaller, age-based groups to dig deeper into the topic. We finished off the Catechism and are ready to dive into God’s one, big story this fall.

Our Adult CE Classes had to get creative this year with when and where we offered classes, first meeting outside, then in the gym, and finally in a slightly more conducive space. This spring brought a men’s study in Philippians, and women’s study in Haggai so that those with young children could take turns. Each of these studies ended up being a really sweet time to build relationships as well as study the Bible together. Next fall, we’re hopeful we can move classes back to our Sunday school time to free up evenings to be with family and offer some new options for study.

This summer we have several fun activities for children and youth… and adults too! All adults are welcome to come to any of our children’s events, even if you don’t have children or children at home anymore. Come to the park to picnic with us. Volunteer for VBS. Bring your favorite game to the boardgame night.