December Note from Dri

Since many families in our congregation come from a variety of different church backgrounds and traditions, there are often questions about how and when children can participate in the sacraments of baptism and communion. To help both new and existing families better understand the historical Presbyterian view on baptism and communion, as well as how different faith backgrounds are invited to join that flow, the Christian Education committee has created a river visual aid with tributaries, called the Sacramental Flow.

We will be unveiling this Sacramental Flow image after the New Year with a congregational meeting in January to explain the different aspects and answer any questions. This meeting is not just for parents, but everyone who makes this vows during the baptism of a child in our congregation: 

“Do you, the members of this congregation, acting for yourselves and on behalf of the whole Body of Christ, assume responsibility with these parents for the spiritual nurture of this child?”

As a cross-generational church, this is an important, stated value; that we all continue to participate in each other’s lives and support parents and children on their journey of faith. We hope the Sacramental Flow will help our entire congregation grow in deeper communion with God and each other. We look forward to sharing this with you in 2022.