April note from Dri: Kids in Worship

At First Presbyterian Church, children are highly valued participants in our worship service! For some families, our liturgy is familiar, but they may not know exactly why we do what we do. For some families, our liturgy is new or different and maybe confusing.  So, we are so excited to provide a new resource for families, whether they are helping their growing kids go deeper with our liturgy, or are acquainting their children with our liturgy for the first time: The Worship Guide for Kids.

This guide walks families through each component of our liturgy with an explanation of why we do what we do, why we do it in what order, what it means, as well as how to practice it well. They are available where you find the bulletins. Click the button above to view a digital version.

We have new canvas church bags available. Tera and I (Dri) created these bags for visiting families who may not be familiar or comfortable with our liturgy yet to have some tools for the adjustment. Each bag has a Worship Guide, some coloring sheets and crayons, a quiet fidget toy, and a way to find out more information about our church.  If you bring guests please feel free to grab a bag for their children to use during the service. AND If you spot a visiting family with kids, grab a bag from the bulletin table and use it as an excuse to introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.

church bag

We thought that our current families might like them as well! If you already have a well-loved church bag that you’ve stocked with essentials for helping your children through the service, that’s wonderful. But if you’d like one with the church logo, just let me (Dri) know next Sunday. We’re asking for a small optional donation of $3 to help cover the cost of the bags for regular attenders. For guests and visitors, they are always free!

We’re so glad your children are part of the service and get to participate in worship with us each week, noise and all. They are welcome and encouraged to be with us, ask questions at inopportune times, sing the wrong words loudly, stand on the pews to see over the people in front of them, and generally participate at whatever level they can. We also know that some days are more challenging than others, so in addition to the nursery for kids two and under, and young children’s worship for 2- Prek during the sermon, we now have two quiet spaces that you can use if you need to step out for a few moments to regroup. But please come back when you’re able, because we value you and your family worshiping with us!

The Elm Room (just inside the front door) has a library space with a rug, some kid-size poofs to sit on, and a few quiet toys. You can also hear the service relatively well, so you’re not missing out while you’re away.


Upstairs, behind the balcony seating there are several couches with a few quiet toys in a basket and room for little ones to get their wiggles out. Again, you can hear the service from there and won’t miss out while you’re away.


Lastly, we have copies of Parenting in the Pew by Dr. Robbie Castleman available in the library as a resource to help you worship with your children each week. Please let me (Dri) know how else I can help and support you!