February Note from Dri

Spring and Summer Special Events

Spring and especially summer may seem like a long way away, but we are already planning out big events! Check out these special events for our children and youth… and keep reading for ways you can get involved if you’re not a child or youth or a parent of one.

Youth Spring Retreat – Students 5th-12th grade are invited to New Life Ranch April 1st-2nd for an overnight retreat. Cost is $75 per student, which covers food and lodging. Sign ups are now open!

Move Conference – High School Students (incoming freshmen through outgoing seniors) are invited to the Move Conference June 5-9th. The total cost is $299 with a $65 deposit due at sign up. There will be fundraisers for this event to help cover the cost. Space is limited, so sign up today.

Mystery Trip – Middle School students (current 5th-8th grade students) are invited to the Mystery Trip August 1st-4th. We will be joined by students from a sister church on a mystery tour in our own backyard. Students may know general location, but everything else is a mystery! Details and sign ups to come soon!

Vacation Bible School Children K-5th will be invited to a One-Day VBS tentatively schedule for June 25th. Mark your calendars!

How the congregation can get involved

As a congregation, we make vows to our children and youth, to support them and spiritually nurture them as they grow in faith. Here are some practical ways we can do that:

Subsidize – If you’d like to support the group as a whole financially, you can also make donations for specific aspects of each event. Things like sponsoring the team building extra for the Spring Retreat,  lunch on the way to Move, or a specific activity during the Mystery Trip. The CE budget covers these things, but your sponsorship helps us do even more!

Bake Sale – March 13th
Students will be selling goods they have baked together to raise funds for the Move Conference and the Mystery Trip. You can donate supplies for baking, a baked good, buy goods on the 13th, or make a monetary donation directly to the sale.

Sponsor a student – If you would like to financially support a student fully or partially, contact Dri. She can pair you with a student that you can invest in both monetarily, but also relationally. Hire them to do work around the house, babysit, or other chores. Take them to lunch. Ask about their lives. Get to know their families better. Find out their extra curricular activities, like recitals and games, and attend.

Volunteer –  Chaperone for a Move trip. Volunteer to be a chaperone, driver, host, chef, or one of the other needs for the Mystery Trip. Be leader for Vacation Bible School. Contact Dri for more ways you can get involved.