Core Values

Our Mission

To glorify God by participating with Him in the transformation of our lives, the community of believers, and our world. 


  • The centrality of Christ as He is revealed in Scripture
  • The cultivation of cross-generational relationships
  • Liturgy that establishes gospel rhythms in the life of the believer
  • Giving in response to receiving in abundance
  • The incorporation of the unique giftedness of individuals
  • The life of the mind as an integral part of the life of faith


Vision 2026

Over the course of the next five years First Presbyterian Church will focus on the cultivation of presence—the presence of God with us, the presence of the community of saints, and our presence in the city.


We will cultivate an awareness of God’s presence in our lives through:

  • Robust theological education
  • Embodied, historical, and vibrant liturgy
  • A renewed engagement in the spiritual discipline of prayer


We will cultivate the community of saints through:

  • Being present and available to one another through frequent and intentional contact
  • The sharing of stories that illuminate the work of God in our midst
  • Improving our physical space to meet the needs of our ministries 


We will cultivate our presence in the world through:

  • Developing stronger relationships with our neighbors
  • Fostering closer partnerships with the ministries we support
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