Core Values


God calls us to truth, made known to us in Jesus Christ and in the Scriptures.

Truth leads us…

  • To know God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
  • To know ourselves as God’s people; and
  • To know how we are to live in the world, which God has made.


God calls us to worship, our joyful response to the majesty and grace of God.
Worship leads us…
  • To know and serve God
  • To hear and response to God’s word in community through song, sacrament, prayer and giving
  • To obedience to God in our individual lives daily.


God calls us to stewardship, our use of all God-given resources for the glory of God.
Stewardship leads us…
  • To acknowledge God’s ownership of all that we are and have
  • To give financially to support the Church in its worship and its work
  • To use our imaginations, energy and time to serve God’s purposes in the world.


God calls us to discipleship, our formation into the image of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Discipleship leads us…
  • Into the study of Scripture
  • Into the recognition and encouragement of spiritual gifts for service
  • Into dynamic relationships with one another.


God calls us to community, our life together as the Body of Christ.
Community leads us…
  • To value one another as people created and loved by God
  • To grow in loving relationships with one another
  • To serve one another and the world around us


God calls us to service, our sacrificial response to the needs around us.
Service leads us…
  • To follow Jesus’ example of humility and love
  • To bring the transforming power of the Gospel into the lives of others
  • To set aside self-interest in order to enrich the lives of others


God calls us to outreach, our commission to share the love of God in Jesus Christ with others.
Outreach leads us…
  • To go into our community and all the world as witnesses to Jesus
  • To live as demonstrations of God’s love and mercy
  • To call others to faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
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