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We are creatures created for worship. If we’re not worshiping God then it is something or someone else. At First Presbyterian Church we believe the only thing in this world worthy of our worship is the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As we gather each week to worship God together we are merely responding to what he has already done for us in and through Jesus Christ. Worship is the proper response of a grateful people so we seek to live lives characterized by worship of God not only on Sunday mornings but at all times and in all places. 
In this video, Jen Edwards, former Director of Worship & Arts at FPC, discusses worship at First Pres, common misconceptions about worship, and the importance of Scripture in our musical worship.


Every church has a liturgy. Liturgy is the way we order our service in order to facilitate the worship of God. At First Pres, our liturgy is historically rooted and reflects God’s story of salvation that we find in the Bible. We are called to God, confronted with our sins, assured of God’s pardon in Christ, fed with the word and sacraments, and sent out into the world to preach the gospel.
Just as our weekly services reflect God’s story of salvation, so also the way we order our year. We follow the church calendar as it traces the life and work of Jesus. The goal of our liturgy is to create rhythms and patterns of life that keep Christ at the center of our lives even when we don’t have the emotional energy to come to him on our own. Liturgy is the vehicle that weekly, and annually, carries us to God for forgiveness, restoration and hope.
In this video, Jen discusses liturgy at First Pres, common misconceptions about liturgy, and the purpose of liturgy in our worship and our lives.
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