About Presbyterianism

What is a Presbyterian?

In this video, Pastor Jonathan unpacks what it means on a basic level, on a theological level, and on a practical level.
We are a Presbyterian church, but what exactly does it mean to “be Presbyterian?” And which Presbyterian denomination are we? The word Presbyterian comes from the Greek word, presbuteros, which simply means “elder.” Therefore, a Presbyterian church is a church that is governed by a collection of elders who have been elected by the congregation to lead and represent them. 
However, just because we are Presbyterian doesn’t mean you must be in order to worship with us! Our congregation consists of a wide representation of Christian traditions gathered together under the oversight of our elected elders and the authority of our denomination in order to worship God and grow in faith and obedience. Whether you consider yourself Presbyterian or not, we would love to have you join us at First Presbyterian Church.

About Our Denomination

First Presbyterian Church is a member of the group of Presbyterians called the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. The accountability of a denomination is important to us and we are excited to join the EPC in the work of making Jesus known in our world.
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