A Word From…


As you have surely noticed, certain panels of our stained-glass windows have been disappearing and reappearing, one or two at a time, for the last few months. While this is somewhat inconvenient (special apologies to those of you who have had the sun in your eyes during service!), we’re very excited that this important restoration work is moving forward as planned, despite a few delays.

Our stained-glass expert, Beth DeVerre, has been hard at work in her shop making sure that each panel she removes is carefully repaired and ready to continue to beautify our sanctuary for a long, long time. I feel that the experience of seeing these windows without their stained-glass panels has led me to reflect on the ways that the stained glass contributes to a sense of reverence in our worship. I’ve also heard from some of you that the temporary loss of those panels has caused an increased appreciation when they return.

The other side of the stained-glass project–the replacement of the exterior storm windows–has been delayed until early March. We’re very excited to have this done because it will have two immediate benefits. Firstly, it will stop the continuing stress on the stained glass by ensuring the proper airflow between the two layers, so the damage to the stained glass will not continue to get worse. Secondly, it will immediately increase the exterior beauty of the church by making the stained glass much more visible from outside. The current plexiglass storm windows are very cloudy.

Another change around the building recently has been some new artwork hanging in a few places, which I hope you’ve enjoyed. Additionally, we will be changing and updating the interior signage to make navigating the building easier for visitors.

And if you’re anything like me, this taste of early spring weather we’re having may be getting you excited to see the flowerbeds at church bursting with color and beauty again.

Jordan Howard
Facilities Supervisor