April Note from Dri

Holy Week for Kids

Next week is Holy Week, the week we remember Jesus last week on earth from the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday, to the Last Supper, to his death and resurrection. It’s a week laden with meaning and emotions, both happy and sad. It’s easy to gloss over the hard parts with our kids, though, and to focus on the Risen Jesus, egg hunts, and all the candy. But it’s also important to take some time to reflect during this week on how we get to the celebration of Easter morning.

To help with that, we have created the Holy Week for Kids downloadable sheet to encourage some family activities that can bring the gravity of this week home. There’s also some helpful tips for how to talk to your kids about the harder parts of this week, like Jesus’ betrayal, arrest and death. Be sure to take a look to prepare your own hearts as we help our kids walk through this bittersweet season.