Outreach Partner Update

Proclamation Institute Zambia

This month, the Outreach Committee is highlighting the work of Proclamation Zambia. Proclamation Zambia is a school in Kitwe, Zambia that trains preachers and teachers in God’s word to grow churches, by His grace. The school currently has sixteen students. They are on break right now but will return on class on May 8. Students from this class will graduate in November, which is also when Proclamation Zambia will host a conference on their campus.

Proclamation Zambia receives financial support from churches in the UK and the US (including FPCSS), as well as individual donors. Please continue to pray for their financial needs. In addition to supporting their students, they are finishing a building project on a new conference center.

We will be hosting Andrew Muwowo (Proclamation Institute Zambia’s UK minister) and his wife Phebby in September. Our church has been a welcoming body for Andrew as he has preached here during previous visits and we are looking forward to having him back!